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Auto-Link-SPE-G 1000BASE-T1 Media Converter is now available in our shop!

The 1000BASE-T1 Media Converter connects 1000BASE-T1 with 1000BASE-T networks as well as 100BASE-T1 with 100BASE-TX networks. It supports 802.3bp auto-negotiation and proprietary master/slave detection. Master/slave role, speed and auto-negotiation modes can be set via DIP switches. The Control Center software connects via the USB to the Media Converter and provides information about link state, signal quality and allows direct PHY register access. Faults in the T1 connection can be detected using Signal Quality Indicator and the Automotive Cable Diagnostics function. The Media Converter is equipped with a dual power supply that seamlessly switches between the dedicated power port and USB.

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100BASE-T1 Media Converter V2

The cost efficient 100BASE-T1 Media Converter V2 easily connects 100BASE-T1 and 100BASE-TX networks. A USB interface allows to view and to change PHY settings, to use diagnostic functions (Signal Quality & Cable Diag), as well as firmware update. Power can be supplied via USB (5V) or via the main connector (5V – 28V). The dual power supply seamlessly switches between both inputs. Using the integrated controller, automatic Master/Slave detection is supported.

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Multi-CAN Gateway

The MultiCan Gateway is a 14-way HighSpeed and 1 LowSpeed-CAN, which can be configured according to customer requirements. Special Routing-funcitons (i.e. Forwarding of CAN signals from one CAN Bus to any other CAN Buses), special requirements (i.e. modify CAN ID Signals, modify Timings, ...) up to Filter- and Blockingfunctions can be configured.

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2-Port OABR Multi-Media-Switch

With the 2-port OABR multi-media switch, two Broadcom BroadR-Reach components can be connected to each other. The traffic can be forwarded to a PC via Ethernet or USB to Ethernet and can be used with tools such as Wireshark for recording and evaluation.

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